Chris Kunk is a sculptor and visual artist with an interest in coin and medallion relief, classical figure sculpture, and fine-art metal casting.

MFA in Sculpture/Fine Art from the New York Academy of Art.
BA in Sculpture/Fine Art from Coastal Carolina University.


  • NSS' President's Prize, National Sculpture Society, Young Sculptors Exhibition, New York, NY, 2022.
  • Hudson Valley Art Association Student Award, in honor of Perry Alley, 2021.


  • Tribeca Ball Alumni Show, 2022
  • National Sculpture Society, Young Sculptors Exhibition, New York, NY, 2022
  • Tenleytown Main Street, Art All Night Exhibition, Washington DC, 2021
  • New York Academy of Art, MFA Thesis Exhibition, New York, NY, 2021
  • Tribeca Ball, Online Exhibition, 2021
  • Tribeca Ball, Online Exhibition, 2020
  • Coastal Carolina University, Senior Showcase Exhibition, Conway, SC, 2019

About Me

I am a traditionally trained sculptor with a strong understanding of human and animal anatomy and a strong understanding in 3D composition. My experiences include: armature construction, clay modeling, and various methods of casting. Other skills include chasing plater, wax, and various metals, large and small scale sculpture, and relief and medallions. I enjoy working out my ideas as 2D thumbnail sketches and as 3D terrocotta bozzetti. My colleagues would describe me as ambitious, passionate, and work focused.

I'm originally from Washington DC and also enjoy drawing, surfing, and music.

“I see the purpose of my work as a way for people to see the humanity within themselves.”

—Chris Kunk, 2019

Contact Me @chris_kunk_sculpture
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